Brighton and Hove Kitchens Corian worktops

Corian is a solid, acrylic surface, popular in kitchens where hygiene and cleanliness are required. 

It's easy-clean, durable and available in a over 100 colours! Meaning matching a worktop to your favourite shade or simply matching them to interior designs and furnishings, is easier than ever.


During the fabrication process extensive measures are taken to ensure an even distribution of colour and particulate patterning, delivering the highest possible quality.

Made of a blend of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate the Corian surface can be thermoformed, making it flexible in design with both the shape of your kitchen and with the finer details on the surface itself.

 Corian in Gray Onyx


Corian in Mandarin

Corian sinks and bowls can be seamlessly combined with Corian’s colour-matched acrylic epoxy so that the risk of bacteria and germs building up is minimised without any compromise on the style of the surface.


10 Year Warranty

Corian continuously research and develop their products with the intent of always being able to provide their customers with the highest quality product available. This knowledge, along with the 10 year warranty, provides every Corian customer complete satisfaction with their purchase.

Corian White worktop

Corian in Glacier White


For examples of kitchens we have designed with Corian worktops click on either colour:


Glacier White