The Installation Process

Brighton and Hove Kitchens quality of work during installation

At Brighton & Hove Kitchens Ltd we really do pride ourselves on the quality of our work.


We offer a "one-stop shop" for our customers which provides not only real value for money but also invaluable peace of mind.


What we have found during our many years in the kitchen business, is that some of the high-street and discount / DIY kitchen companies let their customers down when it comes to the actual installation.


Whilst the glossy brochures, big expensive showrooms and impressive sales pitch seem inviting, you may not always know who is going to be coming into your home to fit the kitchen you have ordered.  Alternatively, if you employ a builder to fit a kitchen purchased from a large national chain, any problems you experience with the installation or quality of product are likely to be passed between builder and supplier with neither accepting responsibility.  This leaves many customers powerless to resolve issues and frustrated and unhappy.


Very often, the price quoted by many companies will not include necessary work such as plumbing, tiling and electrical alterations.


Our approach is different.  With Brighton and Hove Kitchens we provide transparent costs that cover all required work.  We will project manage the full installation and deal directly with both you and the supplier.


Once you have chosen your kitchen from our wide range of options, we will discuss with you all of the foreseeable costs and necessary extras that you may not have considered. Depending on your requirements this could include Building Regulation fees, structural engineering fees and waste removal.  Unlike many of the more impersonal high-street stores, we will be on hand to advise every step of the way about what your costs will be.


Once the installation date has been agreed with you, Managing Director Jem Owen will be there to keep a careful eye on the progress of the job.  Nick Young, who has many years of experience in carpentry and kitchen installations, will be the lead fitter and keep you informed of the work and how it is progressing.  Because of our professional approach, you will always know who will be coming into your home and what is happening.


At the end of the installation Jem and Nick will personally agree with you a "snag list" and ensure that any issues are resolved and that all work is completed to our high standard.  There is no question of our customers being left with a kitchen they are unhappy with or having to chase us for a resolution to outstanding queries.


We always emphasise to our customers that the devil is in the detail and some of the larger high-street chains can forget this when it comes to costings and project management!  Our years of experience mean that our installation service is second to none and is what really makes us stand out from the rest of the kitchen crowd!