Bespoke Kitchens - funky, fun and unique!

Pick a colour, any colour....

So here at Brighton and Hove Kitchens we wanted something a little bit different for 2014.  Never ones to rest on our laurels we are always looking for something special for our customers.


So we were pretty pleased when we negotiated an exclusive deal to supply some completely bespoke units and cabinets which are just what our customers wanted.


Most kitchen units come in certain sizes.  The standard widths are 600mm, 800mm wide etc and usually around 870mm high.  That is fine for most kitchens and means that worktops can be standard sizes.


But what if you have an unusually sized kitchen or a funny little corner you can't think what to do with?  Your standard kitchen cabinet won't fit, meaning that your sleek line of units gets interrupted and ruined.


Well, here at Brighton and Hove Kitchens we have found the answer!


This particular range of units can be made to ANY size and to ANY colour from the RAL spectrum.  This offers customers something unique - the opportunity to create a bespoke kitchen to fit perfectly into their kitchen space without having to forego the convenience and style of a fitted kitchen.


And of course the quality and pricing of these units is what you would expect from Brighton and Hove Kitchens:  beautiful quality at beautiful prices!



So if you are looking for a bespoke kitchen cabinet or just one in a funky, retro or unique colour you know where to come!


Give us a call on 01273 275951 to discuss your requirements with us and for more information about the range and stye of units and cabinets available.