Composites and Acrylics

Brighton and Hove Kitchens composites and Acrylics

Technological advances have revolutionised the ways of manufacturing worktops and surfaces, but it is easy to get confused by the names and what they mean.


Composite and acrylic worktops generally have a very sleek, smooth finish to them. Hardwearing as well as stylish, they come in literally hundreds of colours and finishes and are made from a huge variety of materials and methods.


For customers installing island features in their kitchens, these worktops can be custom made and shaped for a lovely fluid feel in the kitchen. Sinks and even splashbacks can be integrated for a completely seamless finish.


Well-known brands of acrylic worktops include Corian, Wharf Simple Seamless and LG Hi-Macs.



Composite worktops include styles such as engineered stones like Quartz, Silestone and Lavastone.  These worktops are made by mixing natural stone and minerals with resins to create a hardwearing material which can be glazed in a wide range of colours or finishes.