cost for all units and doors: £5,295

Bhavin's house in Hove had been extended to create an amazing dining and entertaining space with direct views over the large garden. 


For such a large space Bhavin needed a kitchen with a real "wow" factor.


His dream kitchen was a very specific style and colour - gloss units with rich orange colour accents and natural wood textures running through the kitchen.


For such a specific kitchen design Bhavin needed the right company to deliver!

Beautiful kitchen design featuring red brick

Bhavin's experience was similar to many of our customers:  he had visited the usual big high-street companies as well as a few he had seen advertising in local publications. 


But he was left somewhat disappointed by both the suggestions and the quotes of these companies.  He also felt that the quality on offer was not up to the standard he expected for the price they were quoting.


It was only after a personal recommendation that he got to know about Brighton & Hove Kitchens.  Bhavin went to see for himself one of our finished kitchens in-situ so that he could see for himself the quality and finish. 

Bespoke kitchen with a large breakfast bar and orange stools designed by Brighton and Hove kitchens

Bhavin loved what he saw, made an appointment and knew very quickly he had found the right people to work with.


For less than the quotes he had obtained from other companies, Bhavin received a kitchen of far superior quality and with the high-end finishes he had wanted such as high-spec appliances and Corian worktops.  


With the unit cost of this huge kitchen coming in at £5,295 Bhavin was able to spend extra on the finishing touches to create the kitchen he had always envisaged.